Kadampa practitioners traditionally start their daily

practice of Heart Jewel prayers with a special Guru yoga in which

they visualize their Spiritual Guide as Je Tsongkhapa, who himself is a manifestation of Manjushri. By relying upon this practice, they purify negativity, accumulate merit, and receive blessings. In this way, they naturally accomplish all the realizations of the stages of the path of Sutra and Tantra,

and in particular they attain a very special Dharma wisdom.


Going for refuge

I and all sentient beings, until we achieve enlightenment,

Go for refuge to Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. (3x)


Generating bodhichitta

Through the virtues I collect by giving and other perfections,

May I become a Buddha for the benefit of all. (3x)


Inviting Je Tsongkhapa

From the heart of the Protector

of the hundreds of Deities of the Joyful Land,

To the peak of a cloud which is like a cluster of fresh, white curd,

All-knowing Losang Dragpa, King of the Dharma,

Please come to this place together with your Sons.

Prayer of seven limbs

In the space before me on a lion throne, lotus, and moon

The venerable Gurus smile with delight.

O Supreme Field of Merit for my mind of faith,

Please remain for a hundred aeons to spread the doctrine.


Your mind of wisdom realizes

the full extent of objects of knowledge,

Your eloquent speech is the ear ornament of the fortunate,

Your beautiful body is ablaze with the glory of renown,

I prostrate to you, whom to see, to hear,

and to remember is so meaningful.


Pleasing water offerings, various flowers,

Sweet-smelling incense, lights, scented water, and so forth,

A vast cloud of offerings both set out and imagined,

I offer to you, O supreme Field of Merit.


Whatever non-virtues of body, speech, and mind

I have accumulated since time without beginning,

Especially transgressions of my three vows,

With great remorse I confess

each one from the depths of my heart.


In this degenerate age you strove for

much learning and accomplishment,

Abandoning the eight worldly concerns,

you made your freedom and endowment meaningful.

O Protector, from the very depths of my heart,

I rejoice in the great wave of your deeds.


From the billowing clouds of wisdom and compassion

In the space of your Truth body, O venerable and holy Gurus,

Please send down a rain of vast and profound Dharma

Appropriate to the disciples of this world.


Through the virtues I have accumulated here,

May the doctrine and all living beings receive every benefit.

Especially may the essence of the doctrine

Of Venerable Losang Dragpa shine forever.


Offering the mandala

The ground sprinkled with perfume and spread with flowers,

The Great Mountain, four lands, sun and moon,

Seen as a Buddha Land and offered thus,

May all beings enjoy such Pure Lands.




Migtsema prayer

Tsongkhapa, crown ornament

of the scholars of the Land of the Snows,

You are Avalokiteshvara,

the treasury of unobservable compassion,

Manjushri, the supreme stainless wisdom,

And Vajrapani, the destroyer of the hosts of maras;

O Losang Dragpa I request you,

please grant your blessings.

(3x, 7x, 21x etc)

Special Prayers