Bring future into present.

For the present is where we

truly spend the rest of our lives.


What am I ? I could give a text book answer, but I have not achieved the degree of realization required to truly know and answer that question. I don’t know many people who have the wisdom  to answer that question. I certainly don’t claim such wisdom.

Who am I ? Another question for the ages. However some of the things that define my life as I assume a number of different identities are being the best person as i can be as a son, a brother, a divorced husband, a step father, an uncle, a cousin, a poet, a friend, an artist, an astrologer, an ordained interfaith minister, a retreat yogi, a serious mahayana vajrayana Buddhist practitioner, and finally a happy man.  However, I believe I am at my best as a bodhisattva - astrologer.

What do I want ? As an Ordained Interfaith Minister I want to always mindfully do my best to help others be happy, to heal and feel better. I believe everyone has the right to worship whomever or whatever they want to worship. However I don’t believe they have the right to force their ideas on others or harm others in any way. As a Mahayana Vajrayana Buddhist I want to maintain my blessings of refuge in the Guru, the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. I want always to generate Bodhichitta, and to engage in the practices that lead to enlightenment, to fulfill my vow and to realize my motivation as a Bodhisattva - Astrologer.

What do I have? I have 64 years of experience in living a very interesting life. Check out this web site, go HOME see where I am coming from, and see how do I do what I do . 

                                               - Bliem Kern - mere name, mere form.

Please Note : The sources of Astrological information presented on this website do not come from the teachings of my root Guru Geshe Kelsang Gyatso  or the New Kadampa Tradition of Mahayana Buddhism. The knowledge of Astrology presented here comes from decades of study, pursued with numerous Eastern and Western masters of Astrology whose names appear on my Astrology page and are interspersed in my biography page. One need not be interested in Buddhism to be interested in Astrology and vice versa. It just so happens that in my own personal journey, my life has been greatly blessed by both of these traditions. Furthermore, in everything I make my best effort to keep my Ordinations Vow “ to serve the religious and spiritual needs of all peoples of all faiths, regardless of race, creed, color, sex and gender. So help me God.” My prayer for humanity is to realize a peaceful mind, stop fighting over God, stop destroying our environment,  live together in peace, love one another, be happy.  bk


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