1. HOW  can you help my life ?

That depends on what you need and what happens in our first session. I have helped many people get a clear fresh perspective on their life by, understanding their past. Focusing through the present, with hopeful glances at your potential, and after, listening to your story, then, hopefully, you take to heart the helpful guidance I give you.

  1. 2.HOW can I get the most out of your services ?

On an equal footing we share what is on your mind. Through, my experience of over 30 years with hundreds of clients in countless situations. I can provide you with options and probabilities for various  solutions to your concerns. After we make headway, It is important we stay in touch and you come back from time

to time to see me as  needed.

3. WHAT are your qualifications to do that ?

A bit of a renaissance sort of guy. I am a very perceptive compassionate man with over 60 years of life experience, I am  a Buddhist, and an Ordained Interfaith Minister. I hosted my own daily one hour TV show. I have been an Art Director at the New York Times. I have been a successful Market Analyst at the Comex, and performed my poetry all over the world. I have had over 37 years of Astrological Counseling Experience. I have studied with Yogis and Masters of the Eastern and Western spiritual astrological psychological disciplines.

I have had several decades of Jungian Dream Analysis, along with Freudian, Gestalt, Reichian, Primal Group and individual therapies.

I have practiced  daily Yoga, and Meditation for  over 45 years.

  1. 4.WHO are your Clients ?

Of course that is Confidential, but i can tell you  that I have had many famous, infamous, and ordinary peoples of all walks of life. From a

Jamaican cab driver, to NYC Police officer, a Network TV Anchor and International Banker, an Actor with no shoes, an Opera Singer singing the blues, a Peruvian Priest, a Tibetan Monk, a gas station owner in a a funk,  a Famous Actress in a beautiful dress, an Aristocrat, a spoiled brat Democrat, the old bat, a Presidents grandson not wearing a cumberbun, a very gentle, kind plumber, an agent with no number, a Republican Stage Maba, a Diplomats wife, a Hot Dog Vendor big spender, and the Emperors Son on the run. Together and separately each and everyone has our own karma and in the end, most are all alike because we just wish to be happy.

5. WHAT sort of problems are you helpful with ?

You might be surprised; here are some situations I have shed light on:

relationship problems of all kinds, an unfaithful spouse what a louse,

a divorced woman with kids, unexpected change in career lost in fear,

bad dreams full of hidden schemes, all sorts of financial issues, no money, too much money, worship of money, anxiety, depression, end of the world fantasy, loneliness, delusions of rejection, inspection, suspension, and real spiritual awakenings, death, suicide and other less serious medical issues. Sleeping with the bosses wife, boss sleeping with your wife, boss sleeping with you, you sleeping with your wife. When will Mr. right appear, is he here, there or where.

Is this my wife to be, when will she be, number one, two or three,

will there be children, how many if any. It goes on and on....... endless.

Just remember You are not getting a magic show when you come

over  here. You are getting practical, sensible, counseling and advice.

  1. 6.WHY would One choose this method of healing over another ?

I can give you understanding with a wisdom born from an unique synthesis of perception and experience, a creative approach

that breaks through where other traditional methods have failed because they are too narrow in scope. I can guide you through

these temporary difficult passages of your life.  By establishing

regular sessions I can better point  you to a  direction

that would lead to a more meaningful life.

  1. 7. HOW do i get started ?

email me at wbkjr3@verizon.net

or give me a call  212 222 8830 .