this  site  is  dedicated  to

my  late loving Mother and Father

   Helen Kennedy Kern  &  William Bliem Kern

and to my Masters from whom 

these contents belong: 

( in  chronological  order )

Govindu Sri Rama Murthi

Kulapathi E. Krishnamacharya

Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Kadam Morten Clausen

Gen. La Kelsang  Khyenrab

Gen. La Kelsang Dekyong

May there be the auspiciousness of the root and lineage Gurus,

May there be the auspiciousness of the assembly of Deities and Yidams,

May there be the auspiciousness of the Dakas and Dakinis,

and May there be the auspiciousness of the Dharma  Protectors.

I fully dedicate all these virtues

So that I might train in the same way

As hero Manjushri and Samantabhadra

Who realize the nature of things.

I fully dedicate all the virtuous roots

In the way that receives the highest praise

From all the Conquerors of the three times

For the sake of accomplishing the excellent, supreme attainment.

Through being cared for through out all my lives

By conqueror Je Tsongkhapa as my Mahayana Guru, 

May I never turn away, even for an instant

From this excellent path praised by the conquerors.

Tsongkhapa crown ornament of scholars of the land of snows,

You are Buddha Shakamundi and Vajradhara, the source of all attainments,

Avalokiteshvara the treasury of  unobservable compassion

Manjushri the supreme stainless wisdom and

Vajrapani, the destroyer of the host of maras

Oh Venerable Guru-Buddha, synthesis of all Three Jewels,

With my body, speech, and mind, respectfully I make requests:

Please grant your blessings to ripen and liberate myself and others,

And bestow the common and supreme attainments.


WEB SITE PHOTOGRAPH CREDITS: Not in any alphabetical order,

no nothing order, proper credit goes to NASA: JPL- Caltech, JHUAPL,

CXC, SSI, UOC, ESA.NRAO, SSTcl, SAVESO,Star Shadows Remote Observatory and PROMPT/CTIO

Euro Space Agency, CR O'Dell/RU, E.Karkoschka UOA, Rubin Museum, Jacques Marchais Martin Pugh, Museum of Tibetan Art, JT Mangrum, Francisco Irby, Gillian Krantz

Kate Su, ESA/C.Carreau, GSFC, SPL/SSI, NASA. Cathy Tieri, KMC, Kathy Kimpel

Lesly Weiner, Joe Foley, Luan, Leslee Jarman, David Kern, Neil Elliott,

Aaron Almendral, Kereen Richards, Steve McPeake, Roger Hyde, and Brian Driscoll.

some photographs are unidentifiable and some are my own. 

This is acknowledgment and appreciation for all the professional assistance I have received

from the many kind, helpful and patient One-to-One friends I have found

at the Soho Mac store in the old Post Office building on Prince street.

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William Bliem Kern jr.

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