“ The quest for enlightenment is

dangerous to the caterpillar, but

essential for the butterfly.”

- David Carradine,

from  Spirit of Shaolin

1936 - 2009

Shoes are the hats of the feet, and it is difficult to pray while wearing a hat.

- Old Chinese Proverb

    Take all the elements we have described, and put them into use within yourself, you, the seeker.

Keep it simple. Stand humbly and proudly. Accept everything for what it is. Throw off the chains of your fears and limitations. Avoid prejudice and judgement. Strive. Persevere. Be creative, arousing, unfathomable, still; unmoving and moving, receptive, gentle and penetrating; cling to the light. Shine with the Sun; Joyous, giving and taking pleasure. Enjoy peace, tranquility. Smile through the tears. Fall down and get up again. Be gentle with yourself, while demanding the most from your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul. Accept no excuses, Search until you find. Welcome hardship. Do not avoid pain or difficulty, sorrow or heartbreak. Seek these things out if your dare. Teach yourself everything there is to know. Teach others everything you have learned. Be truthful, kind, helpful. giving, loving, faithful. Hold fast to your code, your ideal, your reputation. Hold to them unwaveringly. Avoid the evil poisonous serpents of wrong doing, dissipation, desire, obsession, excess, and Destruction.

Overcome sloth, vanity, envy, hatred, anger, gluttony, lust, jealously, pettiness, greed, selfishness. Give up meanness; no bully can attain mastery, Revile the beast. Don’t complain. The troubles you may have are mechanical; small and insignificant. They will pass. Be alone, but never lonely. You are all things when you stand alone. Ask for nothing. Wait. The one Thing will provide. Don’t be lead astray. Be cautious and suspicious in your dealings; for there is much evil in the world. No one is safe from it. Beware of false friends, criminals and cheats. Be trusting, find the goodness in all things. Forgive the most terrible wrongs but never forget. Turn your cheek again and again. Strike when it is called for. Strike quickly and without meaning. Don’t be cruel. When you find true fellowship welcome it and keep it sacred. Nothing is more real than lasting friendship. The cosmos revolves peacefully around the union that is true. We need each other.  Watch carefully. Keep your ears open. Stay awake, Stop dreaming. Face reality; yet indulge yourself in fantasy and fairy tales. Have and keep, hope, faith and charity. Believe in your luck. Take chances. Realize your dreams. Seek enlightenment and  give it. Help things to grow, within yourself and the Ten Thousand  Things. Walk softly, lightly.

Try not to leave your mark on the land. Replace your divots. Move quietly without racket, but let the world know you are passing through. Welcome strangers, assist travelers. Feed the hungry and the homeless. Turn away the beggars. Be strong and stable; graceful and swift. Feel the power. Be cheerful and steady. Follow your heart, smile and laugh. Sing freely, dance wildly. Sit perfectly still and listen. The Supreme power will speak. Do not doubt it. Find the center. Flow. Remember you can do nothing wrong. Ask every question. Question every answer. Answer every question and answer with a question. Be One with the One Thing. Whatever may come do not give up. Go on unflinchingly with your QUEST.   - David Carradine, 

                                                                   ( Gathering the Power,  Chapter 12  from  Spirit of Shaolin, A Kung Fu Philosophy. 1991. )

Old age is not as honorable as death, 
but most people want it.
- Crow Indian Proverb, 

The soul would have no rainbow 
if the eyes had no tears.
-Minquass Indian Proverb, 

Life is not separate from death. 
It only looks that way.
-	Blackfoot Indian Proverb,

In death, I am born.
-Hopi Indian Proverb, 

All who have died are equal.
-Comanche Indian Proverb,

They are not dead who live
in the hearts they leave behind.
- Tuscarora Indian Proverb,

Wise words on death from various American Indian tribes

that David would have appreciated.

From a Tibetan Buddhist point of view.

some words of  the venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

There is nothing more precious then our human life. Having been born as a human being we have immense freedom to accomplish almost any thing we want. We can become a politician, a doctor, a race car driver, a beekeeper, a successful businessman, an editor, a great scientist or an artist.

We can travel the world, even go to the moon or we can settle for a simple family life. With so much freedom we must ask ourselves, what is the most meaningful way to use our life. What will make us truly happy?  what will benefit others most? And when this life is over, what will help us then???

If we ask these questions sincerely and deeply we shall discover that the way to make our lives truly meaningful is to dedicate it to spiritual development. In essence this means to eliminate our negative and deluded states of mind and to cultivate positive, peaceful states of mind. By making this a priority in our lives just as David Carradine tried to do.

“ The last time I saw David Carradine was on Christmas Eve 2003. I was invited to attend a party with my younger brother David Kern who was a close friend of Davids’. They both recently spent many memorable fun times working together last summer in Tarzana where David C lived.  But as I remember on that Christmas eve David Carradine was very happy, he had a new wife Annie  with a lovely home and lots of family and friends around. David Carradine was in the kitchen carving up the turkey when we arrived.  I have had the privilege to know David Carradine for over 30 years, he was last on my Satellite TV Show,  Satellite Psychic  in 1992, he had come east to be on the Regis Live Show and my Show to talk about his new book Spirit of Shaolin, which I quoted from in the passage above. David Carradine was always a kind, engagingly interesting, wild, wise and fun person. Suicide that doesn’t sound like the David Carradine I knew, I don’t believe it. I will miss not being able to hang out with him again. But I have the tapes from my show which I will convert to digital and put up on this site one of these days, when I can get to it. This is very sad, my heart goes out to his family and friends. I pray for you, bye Dave.“   - BK         

The negative minds that are the source of all our problems, such as anger, jealousy, attachment, pride and ignorance, will gradually decrease and our positive qualities such as compassion, love and wisdom will increase free from anxiety, and problems and we shall naturally benefit others. As a result we shall all recognize that in Preparing for death is one of the kindest and wisest things we can do for others and ourselves as well.

The fact of the matter is that this world is not our home - we are travelers passing through. We came from our previous life, and in a few years, or even a few days, we shall move on to our next life. We entered this world empty handed and alone. And we shall leave empty handed and alone. Everything we have accumulated in this life including this very body will be left behind. All we can take with us from one life to the next are the imprints as karma, our positive and negative actions we have created.

If we ignore death, we shall waste this life working for things that we shall only have to leave behind, creating many negative actions in the process and having to travel on to our next life with nothing but a heavy burden of negative karma.

On the other hand, if we base our life on a realistic awareness of our mortality, we shall regard our spiritual development as far more important than the attainments of this world, and we shall view our time in this world principally as an opportunity to cultivate positive minds such as patience, love, compassion, and wisdom, motivated by these various minds we shall perform many positive actions, thereby creating the cause for future happiness.

When the time for our death comes we shall be able to pass away without fear or regret, our mind empowered by the virtuous karma we have created.